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Logo of eShops Ecommerce Shops in Mauritius

For you Mauritian Merchants only: Sell online

Get your Free Ecommerce Website, Payment Ready, including Bank Paperwork and approvals. Your Ecommerce Shop can be hosted either on yourbrand.eshops.mu or on shop.yourowndomain.com

Get a complete Financial Back Office Management system (Partial refunds, financial overview, etc.)

Optional: Delivery Facilities are available through our system.

Eshops.mu is powered by MIPS Payment Ecosystem to ensure security and user friendliness

Last but not least, get an ecommerce website that will not be down with over frequency ! We made things happen to achieve that.

Dear Shoppers please note that this page is exclusively for merchant sign up applications. Please do not place your shopping order or inquiry here.

Think of eshops.mu as a shopping centre. Our tenants are individual shops with their own products and delivery systems. If you'd like to place an order, head on over directly to the shop you'd like to purchase from. If you'd like to follow up on, cancel or dispute an order, please contact them directly via their given contact details and social media platforms.

Happy shopping and #StaySafe.